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Traditionally, the telecom sector has been one of the most lucrative market segments in both emerging and developed economies. But also traditionally, that sector has been protected by heavy local regulation. Nowadays, however, many countries have either started or are considering deregulation of their telecom sectors. Such strong trend towards liberalization of the sector, coupled with the emergence of new technologies for cost effective transport of voice data, and namely Voice-over-IP, opens up new revenue generating opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world Our fully managed, private-label prepaid calling card is an end-to-end, turnkey solution that includes access via toll-free or local number services, a full spectrum of calling card features and high-quality traffic termination worldwide. Let us act as your single provider for all operational aspects of your calling card services, or choose a customized solution that includes only the features you need. 

Profit from the lucrative calling card market, without high upfront expenses, by partnering with vpsvos Ltd. We provide a single-point-solution for your entire infrastructure needs, including ITFS, UIFN, Local & Toll Free DID access numbers, calling card platform and wholesale voice termination. vpsvos Ltd can act as your single provider for the operational aspects of your calling card service. We provide voice services and all calling card platform-related solutions.

Key Benefits

* Sell prepaid phone card with your own brand name 
* Set your own rates 
* Low VoIP rates & high commission
* Freedom from upfront capital expenditures
* Support on the back-end (with retail rate management to streamline administration)
* Greater customer satisfaction with choice of traditional prepaid phone cards.
* Smooth and streamlined service management
* Powerful information tools for customer care agents
* Flexible rate matrix and billing features
* Choice of language and greeting messages
* Online account access, so you can view call details, order history, update account information, online recharge & much more…

Available Operating Systems
  • Windows 2003 Web Edition
  • Windows 2003 Stdandard Edition
  • Windows 2003 Premium Edition
  • FreeBSD 4.10
  • RedHat Fedora (Linux)
  • CentOS (Linux)
  • Debain (Linux)
Business Packages
  • VoipSwitch Rental Solutions
  • Hosted Windows Server Solutions
  • Hosted Linux Server Solutions
  • Customized End User CDR Solution
  • Customized Reseller Control
  • Relax to operate VoipSwitch
  • Customised PC2Phone Dialer
  • Callback Platform SMS/ANI/PIN
  • Calling cards by Interactive Voice Response (IP IVR)
  • Mobile VoIP Symbian softphone
  • VOS3000 VoIP Operation Support System
  • Mobile VoIP  Google Android softphone
  • Billing and provisioning
  • Softswitch Class 5
  • VoipSwitch Overview